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An innovative new tile has been developed by Marley Eternit and with the completion of a small development in rural Leicestershire it looks like being a very successful addition to the Marley Eternit range.

The tile, the ‘Lincoln’ is an interlocking clay tile. The design of the tile means it is very adaptable and easy to install, saving expensive labour time. The tile is particularly suitable for use on buildings where it is important to use traditional materials and be in keeping with the surrounding environment.

The Marley ‘Lincoln’ clay pantile should definitely be considered if you are thinking of renewing your roof in the Reading area.

Roofing history
Natural slate roofs have been popular in Britain for many years due to their ease of availability and protective qualities, following the ban on thatched roofing in London after the great fire of 1666.

Natural slate now became popular in large scale house building as the railways became more extensive, making it possible to transport the slate from other parts of the country.

After the Second World War the country started to gear up for large scale building projects and the use of concrete tiles became more popular. Clay tiles and natural slate tiles are still sought after in the UK, so if you are looking for roofing services in and around Reading call Wise Roofing.

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